Pharmaceutical REmedy Protocol

Chakra and energetic restructuring protocol for physical and energetic support to the body and soul experiencing adverse reactions to the mRNA technology which has been widely mandated. 

This work is as effective when carried remotely as it is in person. The suggested heart donation is  $111 and is accomplished in a 1 hour session.

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    About Each Chakra

    1. Root Chakra:  Fear/The right to be here…/survival instinct or-addictions, blame, feeling burdened, distrust, discouraged, fear of past/future, feeling numb, financial insecurity, greed, lack consciousness, inability to accept changes, long carried resentment, instability, insecurity, materialistic, ungrounded, constant moving or changing of jobs, fear of abandonment.
    2. Sacral Chakra: Guilt/The right to feel/movement-explorations through the senses/sexuality and reproduction…/managing emotions or creativity blockage, depression, denial of own needs, expect worst, fear of parent, feeling ashamed, victimized, embarrassed, frustrated, guilt, impatience, introverted, infidelity, lack of motivation, nervous, obsessive behavior, over-eating, sexual issues, unexpressed emotions, unworthiness
    3. Solar Plexus Chakra: Shame/the right to act/individual will, illumination as we merge with Divine Will…/purpose or- anxiety, aggressive, bitterness, blame, careless towards self & others, chronic issues, control issues, not standing up for what is right, dread, over dominating, egoistic, fear of rejection, feeling powerless, suppressed childhood issues, indecisive, justification, low or over self-esteem, low or over self-confidence, passive, self-criticizing, suppressed feelings, giving your power away, unable to make decisions.
    4. Heart Chakra: Sorrow/ The right to love and be loved/the balance point between the material & spiritual aspects of existence, joyful love or-blocking love, happiness and joy, commitment issues, cold and distant, despairing, clinging, negativity, depression, hatred, feeling stifled, fear of abandonment, desperation, jealousy, difficulty in giving and receiving, feeling used, grief, lack of compassion, hopelessness, lack of self- love, sadness, selfish love, self-pity, suppressed emotion & suppressed tears, trust & denial issues, unexpressed-sorrow, love, anger, compassion & empathy, forgiveness or unforgiveness.
    5. Throat Chakra: Lies/The right to speak and hear truth/ personal truth, artistic self-expression, hearing & listening as the Divine does or- verbally abusive, bad listener, interrupting, confusion, criticism, communication problem, voice feels blocked, humiliation, introvert or extrovert, incapable of saying what is in mind and heart, judgmental, not speaking truth, self-denial, shy, suppressed emotions & anger talking too much or too quiet, unable to speak up, unable to ask for what you need, unable to state your point of view.
    6. Third Eye Chakra: Illusion/The right to see/dispeller of illusion, ultimate intelligence entered in through the silence within, discernment or-aloofness, loss of connection with high self or source information, denial of truth, not wanting to look into own life, difficulty in planning long term future, blocked perceptions, irritation, impatient, rigid thinking, scattered thoughts, self-unworthiness, self-criticism, self-centered, stifled thinking, superstitious, lack of perception in problem solving, mind overdrive, looping of negative thought patterns, intuition, psychic perception, imagination.
    7. Crown Chakra: Attachment/The right to know/awareness, divine wisdom, connection with High Self or-stagnation held in old beliefs, unconscious imprinted programming, being over-intellectual all the time, depression, feeling lost or drifty, inability to trust life-values, lack of self- understanding, lack of faith, lack of inspiration, overly spiritual, prejudiced, rigid, unable to accept new ideas, unable to receive universal power.