High Vibration Water

Change Your Water….Change Your Life

Every function in the human body requires pure ph balanced water to experience radiant health and is the very foundation for life. Dr. Dave Carpenter explains in more detail that water is critical on many levels and is the basis for blood, lymph, digestion, absorption of nutrients as well as body temperature and lubricating our joints and tissues. Water is critical to the transmission of signals throughout the body and the helical spiral of the DNA.

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Dr. Carpenter goes on the say that all detoxification pathways require plenty of ph balanced ionized water the way nature intended in order to remove cellular waste and environmental toxins. As our individual and collective consciousness is opening to higher perceptions of understanding with the merging fields of science, sound, energy & vibration as co-creative processes of healing, it is becoming apparent that a healthy ph balance assists us to experience optimum health.

Science now supports what the ancients and masters have always known, that sound is a powerful carrier of information in the form of frequency & vibration constituting the blueprint of all life, influencing the health of our cellular structure through the water molecules within the body.

Steve Chemski, a biochemist and researcher, found that the hexagonal-shaped clustered water molecules he observed emitted a particular resonant frequency – 528 cycles per second. This frequency, as well as its corresponding harmonics, can recalibrate weakened DNA water molecules, causing them to entrain and reform into the perfect hexagonal crystalline shapes that are capable of supporting DNA function and healthy balance in the body. In water, and the human body, sound travels over four times faster in the form of sonic waves.

Sound frequency attunements assist the nervous system, tissues, bones, blood, organs, chakras & all aspects of the 75% of water held within our body, into remembering the harmony of their original essential health.

Hans Jenny, the father of Cymatics, claimed that physical healing could be aided by vibrational tones. Researchers and holistic healing practitioners use specific healing frequencies stimulating the body’s natural healing potential by opening the flow of energy at a cellular, atomic & subatomic level.

In many ways, water and crystalline quartz are similar. Quarts crystals vibrate under pressure at a precise frequency allowing them to carry signals with speed and precision. The molecular geometry of water is very similar to the molecular geometry of crystalline quartz and based upon the same pattern. According to Dr. Carpenter, this may be the reason that structured ph balanced water is thought to carry signals more efficiently throughout living tissue. Many scientists suspect that structured water may be a key to DNA signaling and enzyme activity as well as many other functions within the body.