Custom Ceremonies

“The Dance:
When two or more souls resonate together, the greater the intensity of Hearts Love.”
–Dante Alighieri

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    ceremonies which can be customized

    conscious coupling ceremony

    The sacred essence of a conscious relationship is in which both partners or members of a group feel committed to a sense of purpose or intention. Sound is one of the most powerful vehicles for entering into coherent states of consciousness connecting us with the divinity that unites and surrounds us all.

    From the beginning of existence sound has been used in ritual and ceremony as a way of creating sacred space to align and harmonize the frequencies of participants. When used in ceremonies, sound frequencies such as 528 hz (frequency of love) is designed to synchronize the energy of the participants creating a loving harmonic resonance for each other, the group and the planet as a whole.

    When we create sacred space for any type of ceremony, we leave behind the affairs of ordinary life, the bustling world of meetings, schedules and over-stimulation allowing all participants to connect at a deeper level of heart-felt awareness, calmness and harmony. As entrainment occurs within the heart & bio-energy field we enter an essence of stillness, coherence, reverence and respect. Harmonic union balances the energy fields of all present.

    As sound is a carrier of energies; people’s feelings, thoughts and levels of consciousness subtly float in the air affecting those around them. When the singing bowls are played they produce pure tones of sound which emanate out and vibrate throughout the area clearing negative discordant energy while creating a cohesive atmosphere of oneness of intention.

    Collective and personal growth accelerates as co-creative solutions honor the Highest Good of all concerned. This is growth that makes the world a better place. The journey of evolution offers an opportunity of expansion where deep satisfaction and fulfillment arise as a result.

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