Space Clearing and house blessing

Creating sacred space is an ideal way to cleanse the vibrational energies that  accumulate in your personal space, home, garden, land, office or business.  Remote clearing can be done for land; all I need is your longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates and ideally a plat map.

As everything is energy it makes sense that we are affected by our surrounding  energies that accumulate & stagnate within our homes, property and personal  spaces.  

We now know through science that every thought, feeling, word, deed and  action affects our experience. Energy comprises the human cellular body and  affects our lives & health on multiple levels. 

Once stale negative energy is cleared and replaced with high-frequency  vibrations, the space literally feels invigorating, clear, bright, harmonious &  peaceful. 

Creating a clear flow of energy is a wonderful way to re-set & align your spaces  with your highest intentions. No space is too big or too small to bring in higher  vibrational frequencies to clear discordant energies. 

Harmonic resonance creates an energetic “wave form” that shifts stagnation  based on positive intentions, consciousness, and invocations. 

Intentions and thoughts are powerful, as is prayer, and will bring about the  change needed for the situation.


Consultation Fee…$55.00 

Initial Home Ceremony… $333.00 (2hrs) 

Additional fee for services over 2 hrs….$100.00/hr 

Travel Time………….$33.00/hr 

Outdoor buildings & property ceremony…$100.00/hr 

Supply fee of crystals offered to the land-depends on quantity & type

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