Therapeutic Sound Healing

“The PEACE for which every soul strives, which is the true nature of God and the utmost goal of man, is but the outcome of Harmony”
–Hazrat Inayat Khan,  The Mysticism of Sound

Like adjusting a piano, your body can be attuned to achieve optimal energetic balance. Scientists now know that every atom vibrates much like the strings of a guitar and that sound vibrations move through water 4 times faster than through matter. As our tissues are mostly water sound is easily conducted to every corner of the body, generating sympathetic vibrations at the cellular level. This healing force entrains unhealthy cells into healthy ones. Science now also concurs that vibration is found on the atomic level where its inherent energy penetrates and resonates in our cellular DNA and can produce beneficial therapeutic outcome.

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    In its healing capacity sound wave frequencies assist in restoring the human design to a free flowing stream of vital life force energy. As these energies are allowed to flow without restriction, clogged cellular tissues are gently loosened & dissipated.

    This alternative system brings your cellular tissues, nervous system, chakras and organs into harmonic resonance with specific and unique frequencies. Diverse octaves of sound access the body’s core energetic systems in a non-invasive gentle manner. Every organ, bone, cell, tissue, atomic and subatomic particle has its own resonant frequency. Waves of sound, frequency & vibration provide a deep state of relaxation and assist one to let the busy mind relax, release & let go. Many clients report they experience an altered state of expanded consciousness held within a cocoon of love. Recipients also experience deep relaxation with an increase in focus, clarity, motivation and an over all sense of well being.

    On a more esoteric note all the world’s great spiritual traditions recognize and incorporate the use of Sacred Loving Sound as a means of guiding ones Soul back to the Divine. Sound is a unifying force and when it is created with the intention of love and what constitutes the highest good for all life, it is one of the most powerful healing tools upon our sacred earth and that which aligns us with New Earth higher frequencies of experience.

    In his book, The Cosmos of Man, Torkom Saraydarian reminds us that the power of vibrations echo through our thoughts, words, expressions & feelings: “Let us not forget that sound is fire, and all that is related to sound is fiery. All your words, intentions, songs, chantings, prayers and invocations are fiery in nature. When you are dealing with them you must know that you are dealing with Fire. Fire is the agent of Cosmic Creativity, the agent of purification and the agent of destruction.”

    “…love is the highest vibration, the fundamental octave, the fundamental tone that resonates through the entire Universe
    and through all dimensions. This tone is the fabric that holds the worlds and atoms together.”
    The Hathor Material,  by Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene”