About the practitioner

My personal healing journey and awakening accelerated during a near death experience in 2007. As I was being held within the loving energy field of Golden Beings my heart overflowed in the receiving of such sweet unconditional love. I remember every detail and I Am tremendously grateful in the Divine message assisting my remembrance of what I came here to accomplish as a Divine Being in form. Somewhere within the depths of my soul a birthing occurred propelling me forward through rings of fear and the unknown.

My quest of healing has led me down a path of various healing modalities that assisted me to rewrite my neural pathways, create a new story and release unhealthy out dated belief systems, imprinted programming & looping discordant thought forms. After attending my first sound immersion, I was deeply moved by the resonating, vibrational healing qualities of the sound that swept me away into an altered state of awareness. The visceral experience of the sound vibrations releasing pent up emotions and stuck energies felt like a bubble bath for my cells and tissues.

Sound healing has been instrumental in my own journey and became my mission to share with others in their quest for healing, wholeness & harmony. Truly our journey of healing begins with the relationship of Self to Self first and foremost. My most profound Master teacher emphatically stated:
“It is of the utmost importance that you love yourself first; take care of yourself first. For only then will you be whole and able to shine your light of awareness for others to find their way home to love”— Phillip McCandless

I am dedicated and passionate to the Expansion of Consciousness through the Alchemy of Sound Octave Frequencies. For truly the grand orchestration of the earth journey, is to assist the individual soul to learn its needed lessons and evolve as we weave our golden crystalline diamond threads of light into the tapestry of life with unconditional love.

My intention in each session or group immersion always is in service to, “That Which Serves The Highest Good” of each participant and in accordance to their Divine High Selves and higher frequency Divine directives.

My love of science melding with esoteric subjects offers me a deep perspective and synergistic awareness into each unique session with precise frequencies that stimulate the body’s natural healing potential to awaken into a state of harmony, alignment, clarity, relaxation and wholeness.

I am ever grateful and in deep appreciation as each now moment unfolds. Looking forward am I, in assisting you as you explore your own process of returning to your natural state of health and well being.

It is my deepest heart felt desire to assist you in your journey

Blessings and Namaste

-Kimberly Salonia