Vision Quest Frequencies

“We are slowed down sound & light- A walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are Souls dressed up in Sacred biochemical garments & our bodies are the instruments through which our Souls play their music.”
–Albert Einstein

Some of the benefits of a Vision Quest through the alchemy of sound octave vibrations:

  • Relaxing the nervous system and over thinking mind
  • Deeper understanding of your mission & purpose here
  • Compassionate neutrality
  • Co-Creative partnership with your divine self
  • Commune with nature, spirit, your spirit guides & divine ancestors
  • Move beyond outmoded paradigms & discordant thought forms
  • Loving free emotional remembrances in neutrality
  • Clarity inducing peace, balance and harmony
  • Expansion of conscious choices, perceptions & new possibilities
  • Revealing emotional, physical, spiritual blockages or stagnation
  • Re-connection to Divine Love and the feeling of being wrapped within liquid light unconditional love
  • Remembrance of who you truly already are, A Beautiful Divine Being experiencing form
  • Immersing within your own Cosmic Soul~Star Seed~ Frequencies that are yours alone
  • Blessing yourself with a beautiful gift of an inner exploration held within pure love frequencies
  • Integrating profound realizations into our daily life

Knowing that sound has such a profound effect on the brain, the bones of the skull, the chakras and the entire nervous system, it is no wonder that sound frequencies can have such a profound effect on people. It explains why participants in a session are so relaxed and happy afterwards, and how the sounds work to create positive changes on physical and psychological levels.

Therapeutic sounds are thought to synchronize sentient brain waves and create a therapeutic effect on the mind and body creating altered states of awareness.

Science now supports that sound vibrations entrain the brain to move into the Theta brain wave frequencies that for many, induce deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity, intuition, as well as engage our relaxation reflexes. Many people report a reduction of stress & or pain responses.

Give birth to your hearts passion with the remembrance of innocence, vulnerability & receptivity, thus allowing the inner healing potential to activate.